Raven Rolls

Custom made cardboard tubes

Custom Printed Tubes

Custom printed tubes are a sure bet to improve your branding.

Various papers and artwork can be placed on the inner and/or outer surfaces of the tube. We print this paper digitally so your tubes can be full colour (as per the middle image) on white or kraft cover paper. 

The look of black print on kraft as in image 3 (Pom Pom) has proven extremely popular of late.

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Industrial Tubes

Spirally wound paper tubes are used throughout a range of industries and applications. Made to order, custom paper tubes are crush resistant and produced to exact specifications, maintaining tight tolerances for precision use. 

Standard tubes are suitable for tape, newsprint and other rolled paper products as well as,  cores for applications such as metal, plastics, fabric woven synthetics, laminates, adhesives and other wound products and materials.

Poster/Mailing Tubes

Poster tubes can be manufactured in either white or another solid colour as well.  We custom make our mailing tubes in high volumes and they are made with a 2.2mm wall and are exponentially stronger than the tubes available for purchase at most stationery outlets.

Coloured tubes are also an option although a much longer lead time is required as the cover paper is especially imported specifically for your tube.

Note: Raven Rolls specialises in manufacturing high volumes of tubes, for smaller numbers please visit our sister company at www.coreblimey.co.nz who maintain a stock shelf of the more popular sizes of white mailing tubes.  These are available for purchase online via their website.

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